Earn a handsome salary with few work hours
Location: Jorapokhar - Jharkhand
Date Posted: 07 Junio
Here is a way for you to meet all those extra expenses the easy way, without having to slog the entire day. Work with us for just two hours each day. And for this, you get to Earn a Handsome Salary that can range from 20,000 to 40,000 per month.

For more details visit us at http://www.tfgholidays.in or
Contact us at
TFG Vacations India Pvt. Ltd.
Contact Number : 9696194469
Advertiser: Particular
Company Name: ISO Certified Tour & Travel Co
Type of Position: Full-time
Salary: 15000
Charge: 8539990552
rajnager, Jorapokhar, Jharkhand
rahul kr
rahul kr

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